1. Philips Ultrasound System

    Philips HD6 Ultrasound System

    Philips HD6 Ultrasound System

    The Philips HD6 ultrasound system is well-suited for a variety of clinical
    applications. Backed by Philips outstanding service and customer care, it
    is an excellent choice for any office, clinic, imaging center or hospital that
    demands high value. The HD6 offers a range of imaging modes such as
    Directional Color Power Angio, M-mode, Anatomical M-mode,
    THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging), Color compare mode, etc.
    The HD-6 replaces the HD-3 as the entry level ultrasound from Philips.

  2. Siemens Multi Mobil X – Ray

    Siemens Multi Mobil X - Ray

    Siemens Multi Mobil X – Ray

    We have installed Siemens MULTIMOBIL which provides
    thoughtful design and high quality. They are designed as
    entry-level systems with basic system features for all mobile
    X-ray applications. This device helps to capture high resolution
    image which in turn helps us to diagnose the health ailments.
    We are one of the few diagnostic centre's to who installed this
    device to give the emergency facility for the patients.

  3. Bio System – Art Analyzer

    Bio System - Art Analyzer

    Bio System – Art Analyzer

    Fully automatic biochemistry analyzer with onboard cooling
    system and throughput of 240 test per hour. Random access
    automatic analyzer aimed at giving results per-patient.
    Photometric reading directly in the reaction rotor. Clinical
    Chemistry and Turbidimetry dedicated reagentes.
    30 refrigerated positions by 20 and 50ml reagente bottles.
    Flexibility in positions with sample and reagentes racks.

  4. Stress ECG System

    Stress ECG System

    Stress ECG System

    The MAC 1200 ST digital, 12-lead electrocardiograph system
    offers comprehensive ECG solutions with practical features
    that meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, office-based practices
    and clinical trials. Its advanced algorithm capabilities,
    seamless connectivity to the MUSE & CardioSoft Cardiology
    Information Systems and easy-to-use features provide
    the high level of quality and convenience users require.

In these modern and fast growing conditions, diagnostic testing centres has become an essential for physicians to detect the disease conditions in the earlier stages, understand the clinical symptoms, work on more effective therapies, monitor the improvements over time and provide better patient care, etc.

Manyashree Diagnostics Centre offers a wide range of value-added capabilities with highly skilled and specialized human and analytical infrastructure that enables us to provide – End-to-end solutions covering method development. We serve the following and many more services at our diagnostics centre.

Recently we have started Digital X-Ray services.

Ultrasound Scanning Timings
07:00 A.M. to 08:30 A.M. and 06:00 P.M. to 08:30 P.M. (Mon - Sat)
10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. (Sun)

Clinical Pahtology
Hematology Faeces Analysis
Haemogram Stool Routine
CBC Occult Blood
H,B,T,C,D,C,E,S,R Reducing Substance
Hb Stool Cpmplete Analysis
TC/DC Miscellaneous
ESR Siemens Analysis
RBC Nasal Smear
PCV Eosinophills
Platelet Colunt Pap Smeam
Blood Group & Rh Histopathology
MP Urine
MF Albumin
Blood Picture Sugar
Direct Coomb's Test Urine Complete Analysis
Indirect Coomb's Test Ketone Bodies
BT/CT Bile Salts
PT Bile Pigments
Reticulocyte Count Urobilinogen
Renal Profile Bence Jones Protein
CBC 24 Hrs Protein
TIBC Pregnancy Test
Serum Iron/Serum Ferritin
Clinical Chemistry
Biochemistry LPID Profile
Blood Glucose FBS Cholesterol Total
RBS/PPBS Triglycerides
GTT HDL Cholesterol
HbA1C (GHb) LDL Cholesterol
Blood Urea VLDL Cholesterol
BUN Serum Amylase
Serum Creatinine LDH
Uric Acid CPK
Body Fluids CPK (MB)
Pleural Serum Clacium
Peritoneal Serum Phospharus
CSF Analysis Liver Function Test
Blood Urea Total Bilirubin
BUN Direct Bilirubin
Serum Creatinine Indirect Bilirubin
Uric Acid SGOT
Serum Creatinine Alkaline Phosphatase
Uric Acid Total Protein
Body Fluids Albumin
Pleural Electrolytes (Na, K, Cl)
CSF Analysis
Facilities We Offer

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